Welcome to Rust Storm Networks.

We run a Rust Experimental and a 7 Days 2 Die Game Server.

I previously ran two Rust Legacy servers called Ashlight and Ashlight: Reborn. I ended up getting swamped at work and had to let those servers go.

I continued to play Rust and found a Rust server called: Rust Storm. After talking with Traurig the servers owner, I was made an Admin and made a couple donations, and bought this domain name. I did this to setup a Website for Traurig and the Rust Storm server.

About a month ago, when I was too busy to play or admin the server; Traurig gave the server to Deluge and he took it over. I was removed from the position of Admin. I tried to contact Deluge on many occasions to give him the domain name so he could setup the servers website; he never contacted me or responded.

More recently Deluge, failed to update the server and then let the host provider cancel the server completely. After trying to contact him for a day and a half, I realized all the people I played with were left without a server, so I scrambled to bring the Rust Server back online and ran it as RustStorm.Net, since I own that domain name.

Now I am struggling to get that server to its former glory and what everyone loved before. I will be changing that name shortly, to something else of my own.

While I was an Admin under Traurig for a time, this server is not associated with the original Rust Storm server.

~ Norfic

Rust Server: Event Selection

Update: After due consideration, we have decided on adding the Deathmatch: Free for All event; which, should get installed this weekend.

After the server population has risen a bit more we will add Devil’s Island which we think will add a bit of fun to the server.

It has been suggested that we add an server-wide event and after checking around I have found the following possibilities.

Please post a comment about which of these events are of interest to you; top three by order of importance.

Devil’s Island

Devil’s Island is a complete game mode plug-in, designed to provide a bit more endgame content, and some structure to player interactions.

Players compete to be the Boss, who can place a tax on resource gathering. Being Boss has its obvious advantages, but he also has a huge target painted on his back; everyone knows where he is (to within about 150 meters). Kill the Boss to become the Boss – it’s that simple.

Players can also rebel against paying taxes, but the Boss will then know their location (dangerous to rebel alone, not so much if everyone does ). The Boss can order a helicopter patrol to any rebel’s position, but for a price.

Deathmatch: Free for All

An Arena is created and each event is based off of a selected weapon kit for the event.

Running Man

The meaning of the plugin: randomly selects a player, his task is to survive for a certain time. The task remaining is to kill him. The winner gets a reward.

Battle Field

Free for All, Open Arena, Vote Weapons, Vote Grounds

~ Norfic

Rust Server: Donations

Please donate to keep this server alive, all money donated through this link goes entirely towards server hosting fees.

If you enjoy this server and want to keep it alive, consider donating. We will be adding a title and chat colors to donators of their choosing , sometime next week.

Thanks, Norfic

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